Strategic Solutions team up with memory mastermind David Thomas for South West educational tour!

Strategic Solutions are planning a tour of schools on the south coast with a Guinness world record memory breaker to help students revise for their exams.

The company are teaming up with former firefighter-turned world memory record holder

David Thomas, who successfully memorised and recited the mathematical formula Pi to 22,500 places. He is also a world memory championships medallist and a Sunday Times bestselling author. They will visit five state schools on the south coast to coach students on how to train their mind using powerful techniques to improve speed, retention, concentration and comprehension when studying for exams.

‘My greatest desire is to help students achieve their true potential,’ David Thomas explains.

‘Showing them how to pass their exams is a great start as it maximises their opportunities once they leave school. Strategic Solutions staff share my philosophy and have invested their own hard-earned cash to help make this roadshow happen. Hundreds of children will now get access to life changing information through me that they otherwise would not have.’

The tour will begin with David speaking at Newton Abbot College in Devon. He will then move north to Teign School, before making the journey back to the Thomas Hardye School in Dorchester. The tour will end with two schools in Poole and Bournemouth: St Edward’s and The Bourne Academy.

The mission is driven by Strategic Solutions’ Community Foundation, which is chaired by Jeff Steninger. His current committee consists of Abigail Stidworthy, Michelle Lambell, Russell Tonks, Allan Cruse and Kelly Roberts.

This year the foundation offered Advisers at Strategic Solutions a voluntary scheme to give up part of their gross income to contribute to the fund, which in turn is matched by Strategic Solutions. Recent projects include supporting the Dorset Deaf Children’s Society, life skills charity Safewise and other financial education projects such as this one involving David Thomas.

The tour begins on 23rd September. To find out more about Strategic Solutions’ community foundation and how you can apply click here

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