Mark Roberts

"By meeting Nathan, and through Strategic Solutions my whole finances have been re-engineered, such that I've retired in my early to mid-50s – a situation which I never thought would happen."

Hi everyone, I’m Mark, I’m a chartered accountant, and I’ve worked in finance in the City of London all my life.

I knew little of pensions and how my portfolio of various company final salary pensions would work. I was introduced to Nathan via a close network, as an IFA who could help me in a big way. I’m so glad I didn’t ignore that introduction because Nathan has massively changed my life in terms of long term financial security. He has completely re-engineered my pension situation, and he’s given me control.

I feel so financially comfortable that I’ve retired early – in my mid 50s, and that’s really all down to him. Strategic Solutions are technically very knowledgeable, and I trust them, which is why I’ve introduced others from my network to that firm.

  • How satisfied are you with the range of options Strategic Solutions offers?

I’m really satisfied with what Strategic Solutions offers. I have a portal where I can see my portfolio anytime, I regularly look at it – it’s easy on my phone or laptop.

Nathan is always a call away, so that’s really good. And I know we’re moving forward, I went to the seminar this year and there’s a lot of other things that are happening with Strategic Solutions, so I am very happy.

  • Why did you connect with Strategic Solutions?

Why did I connect with Strategic Solutions? I’m an accountant, I think I’ve mentioned, but I had no knowledge of pensions, and I knew nothing about what my portfolio of final salary pensions meant for me.

I met Nathan through a connection, and I immediately felt comfortable with him. He’s been brilliant for me. He made me at ease, and really re-engineered everything for me. I’m blessed to have met Nathan and Strategic Solutions have really done great things for me.

  • Would you recommend Strategic Solutions to a friend?

Yeah, I’ve recommended Strategic Solutions, and specifically Nathan to a number of my network and a number of them have joined subsequently. A very close friend of mine that I’ve connected with Nathan, both of us together, I know are extremely happy with how we’ve been dealt with by Strategic Solutions.

  • What problems did you face before Strategic Solutions?

As I said, I’m a chartered accountant, but I really knew very little about pensions. And so that was really concerning me, how that would pan-out in later life.

By meeting Nathan, and through Strategic Solutions my whole finances have been re-engineered, such that I’ve said I’ve retired in my early mid-50s – a situation which I never thought would happen. I was assuming I’d work until I was 70, but I’m very happy that’s the way it all worked out.

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