Alan & Sheena Long

"We can see that thanks to Strategic Solutions, we are going to have no financial worries when we retire."
  • How satisfied are you with the range of options Strategic Solutions offers?

Alan: We are very satisfied with the services and all the advice we’ve been given. Everything has been a total success for us, and we’re so totally satisfied.

  • What were the qualities that first attracted you to Strategic Solutions?

Alan: The qualities are, we could see that they were giving us really good advice, and we’ve gained a lot of knowledge from their advice, and it’s helped us prepare for the future.

  • How were your financials before Strategic Solutions?

Alan: Before we started using Strategic Solutions, we were a little unsure of what we were doing (with our finances) a lot of the time. So, we got in touch with Strategic Solutions to help put us on the right road.

  • What were the problems you faced before approaching Strategic Solutions?

Alan: So the problem before was the fact that we had a little money, and we were unsure what was the best route to take with it, so we knew we had to get some helpful advice. That is why we started using Strategic Solutions.

  • Would you recommend Strategic Solutions to a friend?

Sheena: Definitely.

Alan quips: Yeah, if they take the gun out of the back of my head there at the moment…


Alan: We would definitely. They have been really good for us, they’ve been so helpful, and we wouldn’t be in the situation we are now if it wasn’t for them.

  • How has working with Strategic Solutions benefited you?

Alan: We’re very satisfied with the range of services. The benefits have been that my wife and I are due to retire next year, and we can see that thanks to Strategic Solutions, we are going to have no financial worries when we retire.

  • What is it about John that makes you enjoy working with him?

Sheena: Working with John is wonderful. He’s such a nice friendly man, a family man, he talks about other things rather than just business.

Alan: And he also explains; any of our questions the answers in a way that we can understand them, which is a big help for us.

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